ahmed adnan saygun piano competition

04 – 07 August 2019 Bodrum, Turkey



The Competition is open to talented young pianists of all nationalities. The competition aims to familiarize young pianists with Saygun’s unique world.
The competitors will be divided into two age groups:
Class A: Over 18 years
Class B: Under 18 years


The deadline for applications is the 1st of June 2019. The application forms must be sent to the competition secretariat no later than this date. An acknowledgement of acceptance into the competition will be sent to accepted applicants by the 15th of June 2019.

3rd August 2019, Saturday
14:00 A lot will be drawn to determine the order of the contestants
16.00 The list of the order of the contestants
and the rehearsal schedule for the piano will be announced.
4th August 2019 – Sunday
Class B: First Round
5th August 2019 – Monday
Class A: First Round
6th August 2019 – Tuesday
Class B: Second Round
6th August 2019 – Tuesday
Class A: Second Round
7th August 2019 – Wednesday
Class B: Final Round
7th August 2019 – Wednesday
Class A: Final Round
Award Ceremony


1.The competitors should prepare different programs for each round. There must be no repeats.

2.Pieces composed before 1930 should be performed from memory.

3.The programs may not exceed the specified amount of time, if so, their performance will be stopped.

4.The details of the programs should be submitted at least one month before the start of the contest. The jury may request the music notes of any of the works to be played in the programs. In this case, the notes should be presented before the beginning of the contest.

5.The program submitted at the application can not be changed.


—Class A—
First stage (min. 15 minutes max. 20 minutes)Program must include:

-One Chopin Etüde from op. 10 or op. 25, 1 -One work from Saygun op.38 or op. 45
Second stage (min. 20 minutes max. 25 minutes)
Final stage (min. 30 minutes max. 35 minutes) Must include a work by Saygun.

—Class B—
First stage (min. 10 minutes max. 15 minutes)
Program must include: One work from Saygun op.47, or op. 58
Second stage (min. 15 minutes max. 20 minutes)
Final stage (min. 20 minutes max. 25 minutes)
Must include a work by Saygun


The prizes will be awarded as follows:

Adnan Saygun Piano Competition Class A

First Prize,First Prize: 10.000 TL ; an invitation to perform at the 17th International Gümüşlük Classical Music Festival and an invitation to perform in the 2019-2020 Notre Dame de Sion (Istanbul) concert series.
Second prize, 5.000 TL,  Third prize, 3.000 TL

Adnan Saygun Piano Competition Class B

First Prize, 5.000 TL,and a full bursary to participate in the Gümüşlük Festival Academy piano masterclass in 2020.
Second Prize, 3.000 TL, Third Prize, 1.500 TL


All applicants must send the Application Form with the following supporting documents:
Supporting documents for application:
1. The completed Application Form
2. A copy of the passport or national identity
3. A current photo
4. Contact address, telephone number and e-mail address
5. Receipt of application fee (after acceptance)
6. Turkish or English CV, academic and artistic qualifications or other awards, critics, records etc. any important features
7. Program Form, completed with repertoire chosen to be performed at all stages of the competition.

Fill in the application form here. Application Form

The application form must be sent to our e-mail address no later than 1st of June of May 2019.

An acknowledgement will be sent to each applicant by email upon receipt of the completed application. Applicants who haven’t sent all of the required documents, will not take place in the competitor selection. Only fully completed applications will be submitted to the selection panel.


A committee chaired by Artistic Advisor, will select the competitors by a pre-election. Up to 50 people will be selected.The competitors will be informed of the decision of the committee. The committee will give its decision on June 15th at the latest.If any document will turn out to be false at a later date, the application will be considered as void.

The selected competitors must pay the application fee of 250TL within 10 days, and no later than the 25th of June. The competitor’s name and surname must be written on the payment receipt. The account information required for the registration fees will be sent to the selected competitors.

All accommodation and travel costs will be paid by the competitor.The registration fee is non-refundable.
The Payment of the registration fee means that the terms of Adnan Saygun Bodrum Piano Competition are read, understood and accepted.


The organisation of the competition will send information to the selected competitors regarding accommodation alternatives in Gümüşlük.