Q-BRA / Mx. Sür – DJ Performans

10 September Friday, 19:30 Gümüşlük Festival Centre - SUDA

Q-BRA / Mx. Sür – DJ Performans


Istanbul-based singer, songwriter, performance artist and DJ, Kübra Uzun (IG: @qubra_uzun) is an LGBTQIA+ rights activist, working in Turkey and also on international basis on various platforms. Kübra wrote, sang and produced the song titled ALAN2020 with Mx. Sür and it became an anthem during Istanbul Pride in June 2020. In December 2020, Uzun performed ‘A Trans History Sung’, a digital monument directed by Onur Karaoğlu, in collaboration with Volksbühne Berlin digital season: Next Waves Theatre. Kübra worked with Simon(e) van Saarloos to create an audio work, Cruising Gezi Park, which is shown in the exhibition titled ‘Refresh Amsterdam’ at Amsterdam Museum from December 2020 till June 2021. In January 2021, Kübra recorded Koli Kanonu, orginally Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s KV 560, and shoot the video directed by Efe Durmaz – performing all four of the different voices and characters by herself. Kübra Uzun is also the coordinator of Through The Window Project: As an online project aims to gather Turkey-and-Holland based queer artists, thinkers and night workers since June, 2020.


Mx. Sür

Since emerging on the scene in 2007, Mx. Sür has pushed one simple concept: the uniting power of music and dance. Jumping between genres on a whim, Mx. Sür also came to contribute to the creation of three of Istanbul’s most unique spaces, Wake Up Call, Suma Beach and Mama. Standing as one of the scene’s most outspoken queer voices, they are also behind prolific queer party series such as Come to Mama!, TUTTIFRUITI and XES. Mx. Sür’s latest project comes in the form of their recently founded label, XSM Recordings, which made quite the first impression with the release of ‘ALAN2020’, a queer anthem by Mx. Sür and Kübra Uzun.