about the festival

The International Gümüşlük Music Festival was first held in 2004 in the picturesque fishing village of Gümüşlük, reflecting the historical values of Bodrum, and has been bringing together music enthusiasts every summer since then.

Initiated by a group of musicians led by pianists Eren Levendoğlu and Gülsin Onay, the festival started as a small-scale piano event and evolved into an international music festival in subsequent years. Held annually during the summer season, the festival hosts esteemed musicians from around the world andshowcases special performances in classical music, jazz, and other genres.In total 478 different events have been organized with 1022 artists from 36 countries; among these classical music, jazz performances, ballet modern dance performances, theater, circus and DJ performances.

Over 2000 music students have participated in our education programs, which offer opportunities for education, performance, networking, and scholarships. Going beyond just a music event, the festival has focused on values such as education, social participation, preservation of cultural heritage, and sustainability. Over the years, with concerts, masterclasses, and other events, the festival has made significant contributions to Bodrum’s musical and cultural life, becoming a recognized event both locally and internationally. Over the past two decades, the festival has remained committed to its core values of education, social participation, cultural heritage preservation, and sustainability, fostering unity among not only music enthusiasts but also local residents and the broader arts community.

In 2024, the Festival was awarded the EFFE Label, Europe’s quality stamp for remarkable arts festivals showing their engagement in the field of the arts, community involvement, and international openness