This year due to the ongoing Covid - 19 situation we have had to make some changes to the masterclass programme. Instead of cancelling completely we decided to continue, but with a few necessary precautions. This year we will only be opening courses for piano, cello and double-bass. Masterclasses will take place live in Gumusluk, but students will be taken one by one into the masterclass venue, whilst other students on the course will be given access to the ongoing masterclass through a live video link.

Gumusluk Festival Academy began 2006. Over the past twelve years over 1600 students have attended masterclasses in Piano, Violin, Viola, Flute, Cello, Double-Bass, Chamber music, Harp, Guitar, Oboe, Composition and Conducting. Students have participated from within Turkey, but also from a multitude of countries around the world including Bulgaria, Georgia, Poland, Egypt, Russia, Croatia, UK, France, America, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Australia and Zimbabwe.

The unique venue for the masterclasses, which is set on the beach in a small fishing village on the Aegean sea helps to create a relaxed and magical atmosphere to counterbalance the often stressful environment of music conservatoires; teachers and students are encouraged to interact as much as possible, both musically and socially.


1 – 12 August 2021



Application deadline:  1 JUNE 2021