Rembrandt Trio

28 August Monday, 20:30 On Water - Festival Center

Rembrandt Trio
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The Rembrandt Trio was formed fifteen years ago and since its inception has been one of the most renowned jazz groups in the Netherlands. The trio enjoys international recognition for their artistic curiosity and innovative collaborations looking into the future of jazz. They use their passion for jazz, classical and Middle Eastern music to create forms and sounds that are both profoundly innovative and universally appealing. The trio performs mainly outside their home country, and one of the most special recent performances was the double concert with Chick Corea’s trio at the legendary Ronnie Scott jazz club in London, as well as the opening concert of the Taichung Jazz Festival in Taiwan for 25,000 jazz enthusiasts. An interesting aspect of the group’s history is the introduction of historical instruments. In 2014 the Dutch National Musical Instrument Foundation commissioned the construction of a fortepiano (replica of a 1790 Walter, Mozart’s piano) for. Shortly afterwards Tony Overwater started playing the violone, an instrument from the viola da gamba family, and Vinsent Planjer began the construction of his Whisper Kit, a collection of historical and cross-cultural instruments. When the trio uses this instrumentation, their sound is softer and more transparent, making them a perfect partner for early music performers and Middle Eastern musicians. The Rembrandt Trio also plays a pioneering role in its collaboration with European musicians such as Paolo Fresu, Vincent Peirani, Norma Winstone, Verneri Pohjola, Sylvain Rifflet and Perico Sambeat, to name but a few. The trio has performed in Turkiye on several occasions, such as the Ak bank festival, the Ankara Piano festival and Borusan Sanat in Istanbul.